Ribaa (interest or usury) & Money Exchange

21 Should he take a riba-based loan if he does not intend to pay the interest?. 87542
22 He took a loan with riba to buy a house under pressure from his father. 95005
23 He took a loan with interest and is paying it off with the interest from investment certificates at the bank. 93339
24 Selling worked gold for ingots with a payment for the work. 74994
25 Ruling on trading in currencies. 72210
26 Savings in the Post Office – how should he pay zakaah?. 70315
27 Should he take a riba-based loan in order to buy a house?. 45910
28 Is it permissible to delay paying the price of gold and the cost of having it made into jewellery?. 59936
29 The ruling on going for Hajj and ‘Umrah and paying by means of credit cards. 65494
30 He buys gold over the phone then it is sent to him. 65919
31 He is going to rent a house and what he has paid will be returned to him at the end of the lease. 59867
32 Borrowing from a riba-based bank in order to buy a house. 39829
33 Is it permissible to act as guarantor for a person taking a loan from the bank?. 50016
34 Does paying more than the amount required for zakaah mean that one is allowed to take interest?. 45691
35 How could the Islamic states allow the development of riba-based banks?. 32534
36 Ruling on selling silver riyals for paper riyals at different rates. 13724
37 Prohibition of selling bills of exchange to the bank. 14098
38 Using credit cards in cases of necessity. 7030
39 It is not permissible to impose a penalty for delay in praying off a debt. 13709
40 Bank’s interest is called riba (usury) in sharee’ah. 12823