Benefiting from Forbidden Wealth

1 Ruling on working in a casino. 113842
2 Ruling on borrowing from one whose wealth is haraam. 74986
3 Stealing electricity from the state on the grounds that it does not give its citizens their rights. 72384
4 He used to steal money from his father and now he wants to return it without telling him. 71249
5 Is it permissible to avoid paying electricity bills because the state is charging them too much?. 70274
6 Is it permissible for him to cheat a kaafir government and take money from them?. 52810
7 Where should he deposit his money in these times when riba is so widespread?. 49677
8 He is not going to be transferred, so should he take the relocation costs?. 46645
9 He used a credit card, which is haraam, and he owes money. Should he pay it off?. 45902
10 He used to take money without his parents’ knowledge; what should he do now?. 45670
11 Should he accept his father’s money that was earned from haraam sources?. 45018
12 He stole from his father and brother, and now regrets it. 45016
13 Editing a book containing pictures. 44922
14 Taking a card and giving money to its owner and five other people, in a pyramid scheme. 42909
15 Fatwa from the Standing Committee on the “Business and “Hibbat al-Jazeerah” companies and pyramid marketing schemes. 42579
16 Stealing phone time from a kaafir state. 42513
17 Brief ruling on the “Business” company. 41620
18 Do not betray the one who betrays you. 40649
19 Is it permissible for him to take the money left over by the students after a trip because he was not paid anything for supervising?. 40468
20 Ruling on “Business” and other scams. 40263