Benefiting from Forbidden Wealth

21 He is trying to get out of paying back to the property bank on the grounds that he has a right in the bayt al-maal. 40245
22 He is afraid that if he returns money that he stole before he was guided, he will be found out. What should he do?. 40157
23 He pilfered some money and does not know how much, and he cannot repay it. What should he do?. 40019
24 Is income from an internet café halaal or haraam?. 39903
25 It is not permissible for your father to accept what is given to him because of his work. 39488
26 Invitation to a dinner given by a riba-based bank. 36788
27 If someone had bought shares in the cooperative company and wants to get rid of them. 36754
28 Accepting gifts and donations from haraam wealth. 34591
29 He died and left behind wealth on which he did not pay zakaah, and interest. 34551
30 He took some money by force from a man and he wants to repent. 33858
31 Ruling on money earned from haraam sources. 33852
32 What should a person who accumulated his wealth from haraam sources do?. 33695
33 Taking more than one’s salary from a company in a kaafir land. 32503
34 Can she use things that her father takes from work unlawfully?. 31217
35 Benefitting from a house that was built with an interest-based loan. 22905
36 Is rent received from a bank halaal?. 22870
37 Ruling on working for or buying magazines whose content is mostly haraam, as is the case with many women’s magazines, both Arabic and western. 22399
38 Buying gold coins with images. 22390
39 Well-off people taking things that are only for the poor from a kaafir state. 21401
40 Can he accept money that comes from the lottery company?. 20952