Benefiting from Forbidden Wealth

21 Benefitting from a house that was built with an interest-based loan. 22905
22 He used to steal money from his father and now he wants to return it without telling him. 71249
23 Is it permissible to avoid paying electricity bills because the state is charging them too much?. 70274
24 If someone had bought shares in the cooperative company and wants to get rid of them. 36754
25 Is it permissible for him to cheat a kaafir government and take money from them?. 52810
26 Fatwa from the Standing Committee on the “Business and “Hibbat al-Jazeerah” companies and pyramid marketing schemes. 42579
27 Stealing phone time from a kaafir state. 42513
28 Is rent received from a bank halaal?. 22870
29 Is income from an internet café halaal or haraam?. 39903
30 He used a credit card, which is haraam, and he owes money. Should he pay it off?. 45902
31 Should he accept his father’s money that was earned from haraam sources?. 45018
32 He used to take money without his parents’ knowledge; what should he do now?. 45670
33 Accepting gifts and donations from haraam wealth. 34591
34 He pilfered some money and does not know how much, and he cannot repay it. What should he do?. 40019
35 Brief ruling on the “Business” company. 41620
36 Ruling on “Business” and other scams. 40263
37 Invitation to a dinner given by a riba-based bank. 36788
38 What should be done with interest?. 20695
39 Can he accept money that comes from the lottery company?. 20952
40 What should a person who accumulated his wealth from haraam sources do?. 33695