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178120 - The seven modes of recitation are mutawaatir and it is not permissible to cast aspersions on them 223174 - Extraordinary events that happen at the hands of non-Muslims are a test and a trial 237326 - She became Muslim and she has a daughter, and she is wondering about her chances of marrying a Muslim and some of the rulings on marriage 224025 - A brief look at the month of Safar 180466 - Did ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) pray in the church when he conquered Bayt al-Maqdis (Jerusalem)? 175999 - A young man is finding it extremely difficult to find halaal work 224585 - What should she do about her husband who talks to women on his mobile phone and asks for their pictures? 136772 - How sound is the hadith of as-Sufyaani? 233374 - The wisdom behind Allah, may He be exalted, asking: “Whose is the dominion this Day?” 226729 - Is it permissible to open current accounts in riba-based banks to make things easier for customers? 169799 - Recitation of Qur’an according to maqaamaat (melodic modes) 235416 - Specious arguments of the Ash‘aris about Ibn al-Qayyim and Ibn Abi’l-‘Izz (may Allah have mercy on them) 233884 - Is it permissible to give zakaah funds to the imam or mu’adhdhin (muezzin) of the mosque? 146489 - Ruling on leading of the prayer by one who cannot recite al-Faatihah well 225093 - He intended to fast ‘Ashoora’, then he did not fast it; how can he make up what he missed out on of reward and virtue? 235464 - The ways in which people will pass over the siraat will vary according to their deeds 219422 - There is nothing wrong with celebrating in order to encourage children and teach them to pray when they reach the age of seven years 233313 - He stood up to make up what he had missed the prayer when the imam had not yet completed his salaam at the end of the prayer 174691 - Refuting the fabrication of the liars who say that the immortal youths (in Paradise) are created for homosexuals! 235020 - He is asking about the reason for the difference of opinion among the scholars about saying the name of Allah at the time of slaughter