Fasting of the Sick Person

128804 - If a woman fasts when she is pregnant and is bleeding 108464 - She suffered a brain injury at birth; does she have to pray and fast? 112096 - He did not fast and he fed the poor because of chronic sickness, then Allah healed him 93243 - Amount of fidyah to be paid by one who is unable to fast because of old age or sickness 66822 - She could not find a poor person to feed instead of fasting in Ramadaan – should she give the money in charity? 106465 - He has tuberculosis and is unable to fast 106496 - The doctors told him never to fast, then he recovered five years later 107885 - He is suffering from bleeding and blot clots in the brain – does he have to fast? 106467 - He has a stomach ulcer and the doctors have advised him not to fast 106478 - Her sickness had no hope of a cure then Allaah healed her 94037 - She cannot fast unless she takes medicine 107305 - He is sick and the doctor told him not to fast 97798 - Her family forced her to break her fast because she was sick – were they sinning? Can she fast if she wants to? 84203 - They thought there was no hope of recovery from his sickness so he paid the fidyah, then Allaah healed him; should he make up the missed fasts? 93752 - She is sick and does not understand anything and is not aware of her surroundings. Does she have to feed the poor (in lieu of fasting)? 11107 - Is it better for one who is sick not to fast in Ramadaan? 12488 - What is the sickness which permits a fasting person to break his fast? 78484 - She is sick and blood comes in her throat – what should she do? 65928 - Can he observe a fast on behalf of one who is sick during the night in Ramadaan? 78459 - Types of asthma medication and the ruling on taking them during the day in Ramadaan