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Da'eef (weak) hadeeths

145112 - Salat al-Tasbeeh 151112 - Eating Twice a Day is Extravagance: Unauthentic Hadeeth 144530 - Fabricated Report Concerning Virtue of Special Prayer After Bath From Menses 12504 - A weak hadeeth about the virtue of praying qiyaam on the night before Eid 107302 - The Supplication: “O Allah, if my provision is in heaven, send it down” 113939 - Increased Deaths in the Month of Sha’ban 141015 - Virtue of Reading Surah al-Dukhan the Night Before Friday 146822 - Status of Hadeeth Concerning Virtue of Hijab 143020 - Allah Said to Moosa (peace be upon him): “O Moosa, I did not grant that to Myself so how could I grant it to you?” 117604 - Tashahhud Originated During the Mi‘raj? 141710 - Status of Hadeeth “Do not call me Sayyid in your prayer” 117609 - Soundness of  Hadeeth, “By hating the Arabs you would hate me” 135763 - Some Fabricated Reports Attributed to The Prophet 130522 - Baseless Report About Times of Eating and Drinking Being ‘Awrah 21942 - The hadeeth which says “there is no siyaahah in Islam” is not saheeh 128173 - Status of Hadeeth “Were it not for Muhammad, I would not have created you”? 126918 - Ignoring a Person Who Offends You 100 Times 127252 - False Hadeeth With the Title “Would that it had been new... would that it had been far... would that it had been complete” 126635 - A Brief Introduction to the Fatwas of the Standing Committee for Scholarly Research and Issuing Fatwas 118143 - Status of Hadeeth: “O ‘Ali, do not sleep until you do five things”