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Sacrificial Animal & Expiations

36733 - What should one say when slaughtering the udhiyah? 36376 - Is it permissible to give a kaafir any of the udhiyah meat? 45767 - The best animals to be sacrificed are camels, then cows, then sheep, then to share in a sacrifice 41696 - Should he take out a loan in order to buy the udhiyah (sacrificial animal)? 36567 - What should be avoided by the one who wants to offer a sacrifice 36532 - Udhiyah – What should be eaten and what should be given away? 36518 - Speaking the intention out loud when slaughtering the sacrifice 70290 - What should the one who wants to offer a sacrifice refrain from doing? 33760 - his hair cut after the first ten days of Dhu’l-Hijjah began 20875 - The sacrifice was injured before it was slaughtered. 20800 -  It is essential that the sacrificial animal be slaughtered by a Muslim with the intention of offering a sacrifice (udhiyah) 36645 - Slaughtering the sacrifice is better than giving its price in charity 33613 - There is nothing wrong with the person who has been appointed to slaughter the sacrificial animal cutting his hair during the first ten days of Dhu’l-Hijjah 36596 - Offering udhiyah on behalf of the dead 36651 - The time for udhiyah (sacrifice) 36387 - For how many people is the udhiyah sufficient? 36663 - The best kinds of animals for udhiyah 37039 - A sheep whose fatty tail has been cut off is not fit to be offered as a sacrifice 45771 - Is it permissible to share in a sacrifice even if some of them just want the meat? 69917 - His sacrificial animal fell and he slaughtered it before it died; does it still count as a sacrifice?