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Expiation for Saum

49884 - There is nothing wrong with making up missed Ramadaan fasts in the second half of Sha’baan 50651 - She got pregnant before she started to make up missed fasts, and she cannot fast 4082 - Should a woman start with making up missed fasts from Ramadaan or with the six days of Shawwaal? 26860 - Fasting on the Day of Doubt with the intention of making up a missed Ramadaan fast 49985 - What is the ruling on breaking a fast when making up an obligatory fast? 21697 - When making up missed Ramadaan fasts, they need not be done consecutively 39991 - Whoever breaks the fast when making up a missed Ramadaan fast only has to make up one day 21049 - Making up missed obligatory fasts during the days of Tashreeq is not valid 26866 - Breaking one’s fast in Ramadaan deliberately, with no excuse 21710 - Delaying making up fasts 26865 - Delaying making up Ramadaan fasts until the next Ramadaan begins 40389 - Should he start with the six days of Shawwaal before making up missed fasts, if there are not enough days left? 40695 - She did not make up her missed fasts for many years 38867 - She fasted the days of her period out of ignorance – what should she do? 37991 - When she got her period in Ramadan, she broke her fast and did not make up the missed fasts 66138 - Should she give the fidyah to her children and grandchildren or others as an iftar meal? 49667 - She does not remember whether she made up the days that she owed or not 49848 - She claims that there is no evidence that a woman who menstruates has to make up missed fasts 39864 - If a person breaks his fast on a day when he was making up a missed fast, does he have to fast three days? 49000 - It is not permissible for one who has started an obligatory fast to break it without a legitimate shar’i reason