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Acts of Worship

215926 - The school is preventing them from praying Jumu‘ah and offering other prayers in congregation; what should they do? 50547 - When does Taraaweeh prayer start in Ramadaan – on the first night or the second? 31819 - Description of ‘Umrah 66219 - Should he follow the local people with regard to starting and ending the fast? 13956 - Spending time watching movies and soap operas and playing games in Ramadaan 37743 - Difficulty in sighting the moon in industrialized areas 97501 - They lived under Communist rule and did not know anything about praying and fasting; do they have to make it up? 39524 - Ruling on ‘Umrah 20368 - The eclipse prayer is prescribed when one sees an eclipse, not when one hears news of an eclipse from the astronomers 148900 - How should a traveller pray when he cannot determine the direction of the qiblah? 40299 - Should a traveller offer the prayers in shortened form in his house or pray in congregation in the mosque? 4635 - When should airplane passengers enter ihraam? 14217 - She got her period during Hajj and she cannot stay 34695 - Is tahaarah a prerequisite for tawaaf and saa’i? 26863 - When should a person make the intention to fast, and what if he finds out during the day that Ramadan has begun? 65517 - A Christian is asking, what do you do during the month of Ramadaan? 23296 - Reasons for which one may excused from fasting in Ramadaan 44945 - If maniy comes out after doing ghusl from janaabah 26763 - The time of Fajr and mistakes in some timetables 20960 - No Place for Ablution or Prayer at Work