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139025 - She wants to leave the land of disbelief and go back to her family, but they refused to let her do so. What should she do? 201146 - She refuses to get married for fear that her husband might force her to work 222575 - He got married without his family’s knowledge, and he wants to prevent his wife from having children until he tells his family; is it permissible for him to do that? 221961 - One of the wives is seeking the help of unjust laws to cause harm to the other wife; what is the ruling? 222759 - Someone has proposed marriage to a girl, and she is asking whether she can meet him with a non-Muslim chaperone, because she is cut off from her family 220664 - His wife admitted to him that his children were from another man; what should he do? 211007 - A Christian woman married a Muslim man without a wali (guardian) and she is asking about the ruling on her marriage 171430 - What should she do with her husband who is committing adultery and his mistress is pregnant? 175478 - Dealing With Homosexual Brother-In-Law 178269 - A Christian woman is asking a Muslim woman for help in raising a Muslim girl 170862 - She ran away from her family’s home and married a Christian; is she entitled to a share of her father’s estate? 172510 - She separated from her first husband by means of khul‘ without his consent and married another man, then she went back to her first husband 166789 - He stipulated that she should not continue studying in a mixed environment and that she should not go out to work; should she accept him as a husband? 163531 - Is it permissible for the husband to bring one wife into the house of another wife without the latter’s consent? 160648 - She is a new Muslim and she married a man who she thought was righteous, then he mistreated her. Should she ask him for a divorce? 153902 - If a man is absent on the night of one of his wives with or without an excuse, he has to come back and make up that night 38724 - Her husband wants her to sit in front of the TV with him 147987 - He divorced her three times over the phone 23269 - Does touching with desire count as taking back a divorced wife? 162851 - His wife committed zina twice with a Christian man; should he divorce her? If she apostatises will there be any sin on him?