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During the contract

46667 - Can he rent the traditional set of jewellery and then return it to the jeweller in order to get married? 10525 - Reducing the mahr is the Sunnah 67884 - The hadeeth: “Conceal the engagement and proclaim the marriage” 20757 - She stipulated that her husband should quit smoking but he went against that. What should she do? 22737 - Announcing marriages 13886 - What is permissible between husband and wife after the marriage contract has been done 10509 - Is furnishing the marital home supposed to be part of the mahr (dowry)? 2201 - Conducting marriage contract by telephone 10048 - Is it makrooh to leave a long interval between the marriage contract and consummation of the marriage? 3119 - What is the minimum amount of mahr? What is the modern equivalent of the mahr of the Mothers of the Believers? 5460 - When a wife lets her husband off paying the Mahr 1260 - Ruling in the case where the fiancee puts a haraam condition in the marriage contract 5983 - A wife refusing her husband a co-wife 2491 - A father puts the condition that he should get something for himself in addition to the mahr which is agreed to for his daughter at the time of the wedding contract (nikaah) 3215 - Her parents do not want her to be alone with her husband until after the waleemah (wedding party) 2969 - A marriage contract cannot be invalidated by the passage of time, no matter how long 364 - Marriage contract: verbal or written? 2378 - The mahr (dowry) is the right of the wife 813 - Conditions for valid marriage contract