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41734 - Etiquette of travelling to Hajj and elsewhere 47029 - Can she travel without a mahram to visit her parents? 82930 - Is there a du’aa’ which will protect the traveller until he returns to his family? 40299 - Should a traveller offer the prayers in shortened form in his house or pray in congregation in the mosque? 48997 - Should a traveller pray Sunnah? 44555 - The distance at which it is prescribed to shorten one’s prayers and join them 20017 - Combining two prayers before travelling 10175 - Conditions of traveling to kaafir lands in order to study 21756 - When should he pray witr when Maghrib is combined with ‘Isha’? 52703 - Is there an age at which a woman no longer needs a mahram? 101520 - A woman should not travel except with a mahram, even if it is a short trip 99539 - Should she go with her mother for ‘Umrah without a mahram or stay at home on her own? 97940 - Using a credit card from a British bank when travelling abroad 22369 - Conditions which must be met by a mahram in order to travel with him, and for there to be no khulwah 91962 - Getting married with the intention of divorce and the bad consequences of that 90075 - She is travelling far away and fears fitnah (temptation) for herself 21869 - Praying in cars and on planes 82444 - He is living in a foreign country and there is no halaal meat available; is there a concession allowing him to eat non-halaal meat? 82392 - Woman travelling to seek knowledge without a mahram 82658 - How should the traveller pray?