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Basic Tenets of Faith

223174 - Extraordinary events that happen at the hands of non-Muslims are a test and a trial 230367 - What is the ruling on calling an illegitimate child after the father? 192564 - Guidelines regarding the kind of misinterpretation that does not constitute kufr on the part of the one who follows that misinterpretation, and some other comments on this issue 208110 - Weakness of the hadeeth “The bonds of Islam and the foundations of the faith are three…” 210595 - Her husband denounced her as a disbeliever because she will not denounce people as disbelievers 219688 - Why do we not say that the Big Bang came before everything else? 201963 - The hadith “Woe to ‘Ammaar; he will be killed by the transgressing group; he will be calling them to Paradise and they will be calling him to Hell,” and refutation of the specious argument which quotes it to cast aspersions upon Mu‘aawiyah 99983 - Ruling on studying psychology and law 200323 - Can he continue to follow the Hanafi madhhab, and how can he determine which view is correct? 181665 - Definition of the Islamic character and its main features, and a warning against spoiling or distorting it 196054 - Will the Qur’an testify, on the Day of Resurrection, against those who went against it as it will testify for its companions (those who read it and acted upon it) and intercede for them? 179558 - Does the death of an elderly person cause calamity or a decrease in barakah (blessing) for his surviving family members? 159301 - He is asking: why are most of the people on earth disbelievers, and why does Allah want them to enter Hell? 104111 - Praying behind someone who writes amulets 49023 - Degrees of Islam 83117 - Ruling on one who apostatises repeatedly 31807 - Actions that put a person beyond the pale of Islam 148427 - Ruling on the wife of one who reviles religion 130918 - Can ahaad hadeeths be accepted with regard to ‘aqeedah? 21362 - Conditions of righteous deeds