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112659 - Will Allaah punish women who make a wanton display of their beauty (tabarruj)? 85102 - Guidelines on takfeer (ruling someone to be a kaafir) 82857 - Is uttering the Shahaadatayn sufficient to enter Paradise? 81874 - Bad deeds may erase good deeds 87733 - He is not sure whether he uttered the shahaadatayn, two years after he became Muslim 72307 - Whispers of the Shaytaan Concerning the Steadfastness of Non-Muslims and their Self-Sacrifice for their Cause 43176 - Is seeing Allaah is a dream possible? 42054 - There is nothing wrong with using the expression “by chance” 32492 - Are there any weak points in Islam that enable the kaafirs to attack it? 20612 - He is amazed by the height of Adam (peace be upon him) 20059 - Causes of weakness of faith 14041 - I want to strengthen my faith 13183 - The soul of the deceased does not come back to his family or his house 9924 - Ruling on a believer who commits some sins 13205 - This world is the place of trials and tribulations 11535 - Misinterpretation of the word of Tawheed, and a false claim that it renders a person free from any need for food 9414 - The Shaytaan whispers to him about who created Allaah 10809 - What are the things that make faith decrease? 9356 - Does faith increase and decrease according to Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa’ah? 6679 - Does smoking break one’s wudoo’?