Paradise and Hell

200252 - Is there any mention in the Islamic texts of a minimum period that sinners among the people of Tawheed will spend in Hell? 165752 - How big will the believer’s dominion be in Paradise? What deeds could increase the size of his dominion? 111777 - Will there be pregnancy and childbirth in Paradise? 132608 - Will anyone come out of Paradise or out of Hell after entering it? What is the reward for good deeds done by the disbelievers? 175522 - If a person commits a sin for which he deserves to be cursed, can he repent? Is it possible for Allah to forgive him? 107781 - Will the members of a family all be together in Paradise? 139986 - Is there anything to prove that the punishment in Hell will be reduced for Abu Lahab? 169491 - Why is liver of fish the first food of the people of Paradise? 162112 - Is it permissible to pray to drink from the Prophet’s hand at al-Hawd (the Cistern)? 160958 - Is it permissible for him to wish that Allah will not marry him to al-hoor al-‘iyn in Paradise and to pray for that? 159184 - The Sahaabah are the best of the ummah after its Prophet, but they are not infallible 140514 - Reconciling between the reports that Jibreel, Adam and Muhammad (blessings and peace of Allah be upon them) saw Paradise, and the hadeeth “… that which no eye has seen…” 45804 - The people of Hell will abide therein forever 140151 - Will a person see his mother in Paradise? 10144 - The admission of one spouse to Paradise does not necessarily mean that the other will also be admitted 139092 - The reason why those who ask for ruqyah are not included in the seventy thousand will enter Paradise without being brought to account 139871 - Will the one who listened to music in this world be deprived of listening to it in Paradise? 117432 - Ages of children who die in childhood when they enter Paradise 36674 - Ruling on cursing specific people 12347 - Are the resurrection, Paradise and Hell something real or merely symbolic?