Alliance and Amity, Disavowal and Enmity

149230 - Ruling on sitting, resting on the heel of the left hand behind one’s back 220426 - Her mother bore her from a marriage to a Christian man, and she is asking about the ruling on her relationship with her father and her non-Muslim sisters 212570 - How can she congratulate a non-Muslim girl who was in an illicit relationship with a boy and is going to marry him? 73007 - Ruling on celebrating Valentine’s Day 177460 - Ruling on Muslims congratulating one another on the occasion of the Gregorian New Year 82860 - They were offered food at Christmas – what should they do? 101347 - Ruling on attending Easter celebrations 145676 - Ruling on buying clothing and other items during kaafir festivals in order to benefit from discounts on prices during the Christmas season 4528 - Muslim woman whose kaafir family celebrate her birthday 176011 - What is the ruling on some Muslims advertising a Christmas event that will be held by a church? 81977 - It is not permissible to congratulate the kuffaar on their festivals in any way whatsoever 178395 - Is it permissible to mention the faults of the Muslims in the presence of people of the Book? 200628 - Breathing exercises to heal the chemical imbalance in the brain 169985 - How to deal with a relative who is an apostate 106668 - Greeting Christians on the occasion of their festivals 145893 - Discussion of the rulings on Muslims joining in the celebrations of Muslims and non-Muslims 69811 - Should he respond to non-Muslims when they wish him a Happy New Year? 85108 - Accepting a gift from a kaafir on the day of his festival 145950 - Ruling on the Muslims celebrating at the time of Christmas and decorating their homes with balloons 11427 - Attending the festivals of the mushrikeen and congratulating them