Alliance and Amity, Disavowal and Enmity

11427 - Attending the festivals of the mushrikeen and congratulating them 161539 - Ruling on having a Christmas tree without celebrating Christmas 175600 - He loves his kaafir Professor dearly; what is the ruling on that? 174574 - Should he allow his daughter to sleep over at her non-Muslim friend’s house? 128862 - Does Islam regard non-Muslims with mercy and compassion? 129664 - There is nothing wrong with treating non-Muslims kindly if they are not fighting us 178354 - The one who reviles the Muslims and praises the kuffaar is on the edge of disaster 177012 - Ruling on eating meat slaughtered by the Qadiyanis and on eating with them 170543 - Ruling on renting a house to a Hindu 170355 - Her non-Muslim mother refuses to help her unless she puts a bindi (red dot) on her forehead; what should she do? 50074 - Is it permissible for him to sell gifts that have to do with kaafir festivals? 12777 - Prohibition on celebrating the festivals of the kuffaar 167151 - Ruling on shaking hands with a Jewish or Christian man after meetings 46453 - He is suffering because of his Muslim colleagues’ laziness in studying; should he work with non-Muslims? 11650 - Can she attend Christmas celebrations in order to greet her relatives? 152778 - She became Muslim but her husband did not; is it allowed for her not to stop living with him because of his poor health and her financial situation? 146328 - His company gives its employees a Christmas bonus 147779 - Is it permissible to give Zamzam water to a non-Muslim person who is sick? 145532 - Attending the funeral of a non-Muslim relative in the church 33862 - How to treat a wife from among the People of the Book