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Alliance and Amity, Disavowal and Enmity

46453 - He is suffering because of his Muslim colleagues’ laziness in studying; should he work with non-Muslims? 11650 - Can she attend Christmas celebrations in order to greet her relatives? 152778 - She became Muslim but her husband did not; is it allowed for her not to stop living with him because of his poor health and her financial situation? 146328 - His company gives its employees a Christmas bonus 147779 - Is it permissible to give Zamzam water to a non-Muslim person who is sick? 145532 - Attending the funeral of a non-Muslim relative in the church 33862 - How to treat a wife from among the People of the Book 146803 - Should he stay in a western country in order to get his Master’s degree? 145321 - Should he donate money to a Buddhist temple in order to keep his job and protect himself from any harm? 43270 - Ruling on saying that the attitude of the kuffaar is better than the attitude of the Muslims 11266 - Ruling on taking sinners as friends 20471 - Can she sit and eat with a Muslim woman who does not pray? 143562 - He migrated to a Muslim country, then he realised that the education system is not good; can he go back to complete his studies? 114437 - He feels like a stranger among his family and relatives who are sinful, and he wants some advice 132136 - A kaafir or evildoer should not be addressed as sayyid 10421 - The difference between taking the kaafirs as friends and seeking their help 130747 - Ruling on a Muslim bequeathing money for building a church 8375 - Collecting donations to give gifts to poor families at Christmas 103430 - Ruling on accepting gifts from the mushrikeen 136360 - A 12-year-old Muslim girl whose father is an atheist and her mother is Christian; they revile her Lord and her Prophet -- what should she do?