Alliance and Amity, Disavowal and Enmity

126602 - Ruling on buying an apartment from the bank by instalments 1130 - Ruling on joining in the kaafir festivals 112006 - How should a Muslim deal with his kaafir family? 109199 - Should he meet the needs of his kaafir neighbour? 109193 - Can gifts be given to a kaafir to soften his heart towards Islam? 69558 - Ruling on opening one’s business on the day of kaafir festivals 13211 - Muslim woman’s hijaab in front of kaafir women 111564 - Staying in a kaafir country where there is no community or emosque 3325 - Taking part in non-Muslim celebrations in order to encourage them to take part in our celebrations 90222 - Is saying to a kaafir “I wish you well” or “I wish you all the best” on his festival regarded as congratulating him? 106433 - He has no choice but to live with non-Muslims 101385 - Can he pray for a kaafir woman to be guided to Islam so that he can marry her? 101156 - Celebrating daughter’s reaching adolescence 72208 - Are there any kuffaar who love the Muslims and wish them well? 91665 - His family impugn the honour of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and insult his companions 83079 - Is it permissible to intercede for his classmate who cheated in the exam and was banned from that course? 90075 - She is travelling far away and fears fitnah (temptation) for herself 89757 - Should he throw his alcoholic uncle out of the house? 88088 - Smiling at a kaafir with the aim of softening his heart and calling him to Islam 69876 - Should she end her relationship with some kaafir women or use the opportunity for da’wah?