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Alliance and Amity, Disavowal and Enmity

72208 - Are there any kuffaar who love the Muslims and wish them well? 91665 - His family impugn the honour of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and insult his companions 83079 - Is it permissible to intercede for his classmate who cheated in the exam and was banned from that course? 90075 - She is travelling far away and fears fitnah (temptation) for herself 89757 - Should he throw his alcoholic uncle out of the house? 88088 - Smiling at a kaafir with the aim of softening his heart and calling him to Islam 69876 - Should she end her relationship with some kaafir women or use the opportunity for da’wah? 67610 - Is his preferring to work with non-Muslims regarded as taking them as close friends? 50173 - A Muslim is collecting donations for the church – will he fasting be accepted? 59879 - What is meant by taking the kuffaar as friends? Ruling on mixing with the kuffaar 47322 - Can he pray for his Christian friend to be healed? 52893 - Son Committed Immoral Act, Will Mom be Punished? 20732 - Boycotting the products of kuffaar who are hostile towards Islam 48966 - Greeting a kaafir first 22182 - Are the Christians who exist nowadays the closest to us in love and friendship? 22181 - Accepting a gift with strings attached from a non-Muslim 46797 - Can a Muslim accept a gift from his kaafir brother? 21314 - Is using the Christian calendar regarded as befriending the kuffaar? 33691 - Ruling on helping the kuffaar against the Muslims 32560 - Farewell parties for kaafirs