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Shirk and its different forms

13631 - Bad attitude of some writers towards Allaah, may He be exalted 13659 - Ruling on one who rules by something other than that which Allaah has revealed 12930 - Islamic ruling on those who mock the signs of Allaah and sing verses from the Qur’aan 10543 - Ruling on amulets and hanging them up; do amulets ward off the evil eye and hasad (envy)? 11402 - Du’aa’ is to be made to Allaah alone 8928 - Is it permissible to call upon a dead wali (“saint”) or Hazrat ‘Ali 13019 - It is not permissible to swear by salaah (prayer) or by honesty 10083 - Seeking blessing from scholars and righteous people, and their relics 11309 - The kufr of those who rule by man-made laws 12811 - The misguidance of those who believe that kufr only means disbelief 10029 - Is it permissible to give the reward of an action to someone who offered sacrifices to someone other than Allaah out of ignorance? 10011 - Ruling on travelling to visit the grave of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) 7431 - Seeking healing from mineral waters and slaughtering lambs at that spot 8034 - The meaning of “The bonds of Islam will be undone one by one” 9438 - Ruling on the Husseiniyahs of the Raafidis and the sacrifices which are offered on these occasions 10428 - Bowing to anyone other than Allaah is haraam 11226 - The one who offers sacrifices to the jinn is not a Muslim 11233 - Referring to the International Court of Justice 11998 - Putting items that one wants to keep safe at the tombs of awliyaa’ (“saints”) so that they will guard them 10300 - The atheist who does good deeds is worse than the one who kills his mother and takes care of dogs