209007 - Ruling on studying the books of the People of the Book for the purpose of da‘wah (calling them to Islam), and the ruling on studying comparative religion. 209139 - A Hindu is wondering: Which is better, Hinduism or Islam, and why? 204341 - Is Ibraaheem’s building of the Ka‘bah mentioned in the Bible? 82860 - They were offered food at Christmas – what should they do? 150265 - Beliefs of the Bareilawis (or Barelvis) 111832 - Ruling on a Muslim entering a church 20884 - Muslim man marrying a non-Muslim woman 26728 - Ruling on saying “We are the children of Allaah” 26301 - Can a person who believes that Jesus is the son of God be a Muslim? 103524 - “Why Did you Become Muslim”? 106416 - Buddha was a kaafir philosopher not a Prophet 97726 - He is refuting the specious arguments of the Christians and he is looking for advice: should he continue or not? 9607 - Guidelines of the true religion 98280 - Wisdom Behind Distortion of the Gospel 85280 - Does the Original Gospel Exist Today? 10127 - Why will a person who is born into a kaafir family and dies as a kaafir be punished? 84091 - Why doesn’t Allaah hasten the destruction of the kuffaar? Why are the Muslims backward? 83471 - He concealed his Islam and was buried in the kaafir graveyard. Is he a kaafir? 83736 - A Christian woman is saying: Why is it not permissible for a Muslim woman to marry a kitaabi man when the opposite is permitted? 60191 - Does the Shaytaan call the dying person to become a Jew or Christian? And what is meant by the “trials of death”?