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The Quraan and its Sciences

106525 - What is meant by reciting Qur’aan in a melodious voice 98922 - Writing Qur’aan on mobile phones in something other than the ‘Uthmaani script 105326 - Burning pages of the Mus-haf that have become worn out 82762 - Saying takbeer from Soorat al-Duha to Soorat al-Naas 82856 - Repetition in the Qur’aan – types and benefits 95430 - Mus-haf al-Tajweed with coloured letters 96111 - Female doctors and nurses wearing a white coat over their clothes 88728 - When it is obligatory to listen attentively to recitation of the Qur’aan? 65572 - Should Taraweeh prayer be offered individually or in congregation? Is completing the Qur’aan in Ramadaan bid’ah? 74341 - Ruling on seeking refuge with Allaah before reciting al-Faatihah in the prayer 50781 - Is it essential to recite the Qur’aan in sequence for one who wants to complete it? 67586 - Reading Qur’aan with an accent in which some letters such as tha’ and dhal are altered 65581 - Is there any du’aa’ in the Sunnah for after one has completed the Qur’aan? 50675 - They read Qur’aan before Taraaweeh prayer then complete it in the prayer 50010 - What is the ruling on listening to Qur’aan before going to sleep, whether from a cassette player or some other means? 46088 - Which is better, reading Qur’aan together or individually? 34234 - He claims that the Qur’aan is lacking in eloquence and contains grammatical errors 32594 - Is it better to recite Qur’aan from memory or to read from the Mus-haf? 33583 - Are precious stones mentioned in the Qur’aan? 10012 - Who wrote the Qur’aan and how was it put together?