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Quraanic Exegesis

45365 - How could Yoosuf have “inclined towards” the wife of al-‘Azeez when he was chaste? 10243 - Commentary on the verse “so wherever you turn (yourselves or your faces) there is the Face of Allaah” 22471 -  Repetition and word order in the Qur’aan  And commentary on the phrase “And fear a Day (of Judgement) when a person shall not avail another” 21916 - The last soorah of the Qur’aan to be revealed 39771 - al-Saabooni and his book Safwat al-Tafaaseer 38701 - Enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil, and the verse, “Take care of your ownselves” 23397 - Meaning of the verse “And raise the dust in clouds the while” [al-‘Aadiyaat 100:4 – interpretation of the meaning] 26288 - No contradiction between the two aayahs 22871 - Meaning of the aayah “His is the highest description” 21722 - The meaning of the Basmalah, and the ruling on staring with it when one reads Qur’aan 22899 - Meanings of the word fitnah in the Qur’aan 22243 - Delay in saying In sha Allaah 20941 - Tafseer of the aayah “And you might have seen the sun, when it rose, declining…” 22241 - What are the "good righteous deeds that last"? 22298 - The benefit of the parables in the Qur’aan 13686 - What is the point of mentioning the dog in the story of the people of the Cave? 10251 - Meanings of the word ummah in the Qur’aan 21654 - What is the Covenant in the aayah “Those who break Allaah’s Covenant after ratifying it…”? 21660 - What is the meaning of the aayah “It is prescribed for you, when death approaches any of you…” 20940 - How the people will be divided on the Day of Resurrection