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232009 - What should the Muslims who are prevented from fasting by the Chinese government do? 210802 - Ruling on wearing gold and silk for children 197392 - If any of the signs of puberty appear in a boy, he becomes accountable 202157 - Some of the signs of puberty appeared in her daughters at the age of six; what should she do? 145741 - What is meant by amaanah in the verse “Truly, We did offer al-amaanah (the trust) to the heavens and the earth, and the mountains”? 191488 - Ruling on one who utters words of kufr under the influence of drugs; ruling on marriage of such a person 177657 - What is the ruling if a child commits suicide before the age of puberty? 169574 - Will the Person Who is Suffering from Depression be Held Accountable for What He Says? 147146 - Ruling on the Qitaaf credit card from al-Ahli bank 45672 - Should she wear hijab even though her family will be harmed because of that? 149174 - Ruling on offering food to non-Muslim workers during the day in Ramadan 144586 - Is it permissible for a woman who fears that she will be raped or one who has been raped to kill herself? 82662 - She is not sure whether her prayer and fasting are valid 130231 - A small child follows the religion of whichever of his parents is Muslim 104412 - Can a person be excused for not praying because he is unaware that it is obligatory? 106506 - He became Muslim then he did something that is nullifies Islam, out of ignorance 113385 - It is not prescribed to intentionally over-exhaust yourself in worship, seeking reward thereby 70455 - What should the Muslim do with regard to scholarly differences of opinion as to whether a hadeeth is sound or weak? 107149 - A spot of blood is not a sign of reaching puberty 12840 - Are women equal with men in reward and punishment?