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228431 - Some liquid came back up into his mouth when he burped as he was praying; what is the ruling? 201227 - Is it obligatory to repeat the prayer if one feels madhiy (urethral discharge) coming out whilst praying? 197323 - Can he do tayammum when he is wearing khufoof (leather socks)? 204760 - Her period will end when she is on her way to Makkah but she cannot do ghusl 202567 - She did not know the ruling on the discharges that women experience, and she offered several prayers with one wudoo’ – what should she do? 174883 - He noticed a smell but did not feel any wind coming out of him 194190 - Water spilling onto one’s clothes and body from a vessel that had been licked by a dog 105781 - Some drops come out of him after urinating, but if he waits he may miss the prayer in congregation 180824 - Ruling on water that gets onto one’s clothes when washing after relieving oneself (istinja’) 176304 - Ruling on praying on clothes that have got cat hairs on them 118244 - Those who do not have wudoo’ or women who are menstruating touching the cover of the Mushaf and books of tafseer 170801 - If a menstruating woman puts her hand in water, does that make it najis? 108477 - Reading Qur’aan from the computer 147632 - Is it permissible to wear something made from snakeskin? 162634 - Ruling on reciting Qur’aan in a state of minor impurity (without wudoo’) 150959 - Supplication When Bathing 147164 - It is permissible for one who is junub to listen to recitation of Qur’aan 146616 - Woman having intercourse if she does tayammum after her menstrual bleeding stops 147254 - Not doing ghusl for five months because of sickness 147336 - Feeling Drops of Urine After Washing