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91391 - It is permissible for the husband to receive well-wishers when he is junub 82763 - Waswaas (Whispers) Causing Uncertainty About Worship 20728 - Praying with nail polish 5430 - He is unable to do wudoo’ or tayammum – how should he pray? 11963 - Her husband had intercourse with her, then her period came – when should she do ghusl? 22000 - It is permissible for one who is junub to touch a tape on which Qur’aan is recorded 13936 - Perfuming oneself with cologne after doing wudoo’ 22705 - When he wakes up and finds some wetness on his clothes and doesn’t know what it is 10160 - Woman Affected by Waswaas With Regard to Purity (Tahaarah) 21074 - Description of tayammum 22829 - Ruling on touching books or magazines which contain verses of the Qur’aan for one who is menstruating or in a state of impurity following sexual activity (i.e. junub) 14236 - The reason why tayammum is done on just two parts of the body 22343 - Irritable Bowel Syndrome and continual passing of wind 21659 - A man told him that a smell came out of him 1363 - Ruling on using sanitary waste flow to irrigate date palms 14371 - It is permissible for each partner to read Qur’aan next to the other 10528 - Ruling on the najaasah (impurity) of pork 1395 - Prayer of one who handles pork 10672 - Ruling on a person touching the Qur’aan without wudoo’, and the meaning of the hadeeth, “The believer is never impure” 10540 - The difference between maniy and wadiy