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Wiping over the socks

148129 - Ruling on wiping over the head cover for women 177335 - Ruling on wearing shoes if they are made of pig skin, and ruling on praying in them 176866 - Are the scholars unanimously agreed on the stipulation that the khuff (leather sock) must cover the ankles? 197680 - Ruling on wiping over khuffayn (leather slippers) made from monkey skin 192736 - She used to wipe over socks for varicose veins that do not cover the toes, as if wiping over khuffayn; what is the ruling on her prayer? 178282 - Can he wipe over his khufoof when removing madhiy (prostatic fluid)? 175940 - It is permissible to wipe over the khuffayn with a cloth or for someone else to wipe them 163921 - Ruling on wearing one pair of socks over another when one did wudoo’ wiping over the first pair 147897 - He wiped over his khufoof then remembered that the time for wiping had ended. Should he wash his feet or repeat wudoo’? 162395 - One who is sick and one who is incontinent – can they wipe over their socks? 148062 - He injured his toe – how should he do wudoo’? 147729 - Ruling on wiping over the right khuff before the left 112070 - When does the period for wiping over the khufoof and socks begin? 112323 - With regard to wiping over the socks, it is not essential to intend that at the time of putting them on 45535 - Is it better to wipe over the socks or to wash the feet? 12796 - How to wipe over the slippers or socks 100112 - If the time for wiping over the socks ends or he takes off his shoes, is his wudoo’ invalidated? 13954 - It is not essential for socks to be of leather 9640 - Conditions of wiping over socks 114192 - He needs to put on special socks before getting out of bed and doing wudoo’; can he wipe over them?