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Wiping over the socks

114192 - He needs to put on special socks before getting out of bed and doing wudoo’; can he wipe over them? 116409 - If he wiped over his khufoof again then took them off, he can put them on again and wipe over them 111874 - If he wipes over his socks whilst at home then he travels 98580 - If he wears khufoof over socks, which of them should he wipe over? 95230 - Is it permissible to wipe over the socks for a long time because of illness? 69858 - Should he wipe over his socks even though they smell bad? 69761 - Is it obligatory to wash the feet or wipe them during wudoo’? 69829 - He wiped over his socks for three days when he was not travelling. Does he have to repeat his prayers for the two days? 69866 - Can he wipe over his socks if he put the right sock on before washing his left foot? 45788 - If he wipes over his socks then takes them off, is his wudoo’ invalidated thereby? 21705 - How long does tahaarah last after the period for wiping over the socks ends? 26343 - Is wudoo’ broken by taking off one's socks? 20431 - Is it valid to wipe over one's socks in the summer? 8186 - Ruling on wiping over socks that have holes in them 2172 - In order to be allowed to wipe over one’s socks, they have to have been put on at the same time, after completing wudoo’ or ghusl 2171 - Ruling on wiping over socks that have holes or are very thin 2170 - One who wipes his socks although he was not in a state of tahaarah (purity) when he put them on 996 - Wudoo’ is a prerequisite for wiping on socks