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Ablution Before Prayer

148781 - She works as a nurse on the maternity ward and she has some questions about purification and prayer 144045 - Ruling on wearing nail polish and wiping over it in case of necessity 34695 - Is tahaarah a prerequisite for tawaaf and saa’i? 144695 - She prayed and forgot to remove her nail polish 33724 - Dyeing the hair – is it permissible to wipe over dyed hair in wudoo’? 118018 - The ruling on wiping over army boots and praying in them 45730 - Du’aa’s to be said in wudoo’ 109212 - Can a woman suffering istihaadah or a person who is incontinent pray Taraweeh with the wudoo’ for ‘Isha’ even if half of the night has passed? 120759 - How should a person who has put medicinal creams on his face do wudoo’? 129501 - Ruling on raising the finger when saying the shahaadah following wudoo’ 106751 - How can a patient who has a catheter do wudoo’ and pray? 115246 - Is it obligatory to wipe the ears in wudoo’? 133096 - How to wash the arms when doing wudoo' 112171 - How a woman should wipe her head when doing wudoo’ 67803 - If he performs wudoo’ to read Qur'aan, there is nothing wrong with praying with this wudoo’ 110261 - Description of washing the beard during wudoo’ and ghusl 21895 - Saying Bismillaah for wudoo’ when one is in the bathroom 14234 - Innovated way of doing wudoo’ 102269 - Du’aa’ during wudoo’ by the status of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) 106431 - Should he pray behind one who did not wash his hands again when he washed his arms in wudoo’?