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Ablution Before Prayer

105702 - If he washes his right foot and dries it then he washes his left foot, is continuity interrupted? 103968 - Drying the limbs after doing wudoo’ 103738 - Does nail polish invalidate wudoo’ and do the prayers have to be repeated? 20850 - Speaking after wudoo’ 76115 - Is wudoo’ invalidated by touching a woman? 81685 - Doing wudoo’ when wearing lipstick 94539 - Does she have to do wudoo’ because of vaginal discharge in order to read Qur’aan? 89888 - After he cleans himself he feels something coming out of the back passage. 88179 - Is wudoo’ valid if there are traces of makeup? 69817 - Does the presence of oil, ink or secretions of the eye affect tahaarah (purification)? 45812 - There is some kind of crusty scab on his eye – what effect does that have on his wudoo’? 34172 - When I wash my ears during wudoo’, do I have to insert my finger into the whole ear? 90218 - She is pregnant and cannot lift up her feet to wash them when doing wudoo’ 72450 - It is sufficient to wash the feet once when doing wudoo’ 71169 - Water gets in his nose when he washes his face during wudoo’ 72391 - She cannot take off her hijab when doing wudoo’ at work; should she wipe over it? 68854 - Does the one who takes a shower to cool down have to do wudoo’ for prayer? 69761 - Is it obligatory to wash the feet or wipe them during wudoo’? 36736 - It is not obligatory to do wudoo’ after drinking camel’s milk 70120 - It is not prescribed to wipe the neck during wudoo’