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Ablution Before Prayer

10798 - How should a passenger on an airplane do wudoo’ if there is no water? Published Date: 2001-01-24 10778 - Uncertainty whilst making wudoo’ Published Date: 2001-01-23 10780 - He forgot that he did not have wudoo’ and he prayed Published Date: 2001-01-18 9945 - It is not necessary to repeat wudoo’ if it has not been broken Published Date: 2000-09-09 2069 - You have to wash the hands when washing the arms in wudoo’ Published Date: 2000-02-16 1991 - Ruling on doing wudoo’ with hot water Published Date: 2000-01-29 6987 - Washing with soap when doing Wudoo’, and changing a baby’s diaper Published Date: 1999-12-19 5253 - Is it permissible to do more than two Rak’ahs after doing wudoo’? Published Date: 1999-08-26 3427 - Ruling on doing wudoo’ with water that is contaminated but not naajis (ritually impure) Published Date: 1999-07-12 2173 - Wiping over adhesive dressings (Band-Aids) when doing wudoo’ Published Date: 1998-11-13 2168 - Wiping the neck is not a prescribed part of wudoo’ Published Date: 1998-11-03 2165 - Adhkaar al-wudoo’ (du’aa’s to be recited when doing wudoo’) Published Date: 1998-10-24 2167 - Ruling on doing wudoo’ naked Published Date: 1998-10-23 2166 - Ruling on doing wudoo’ when one has food particles between one’s teeth Published Date: 1998-10-22 1180 - Supplication During Ablution Published Date: 1998-09-27 1197 - Rinsing the nose in wudoo’ is obligatory Published Date: 1998-09-24 1175 - How to rinse the mouth in wudoo’ Published Date: 1998-07-24 1167 - The wudoo’ of one who has something impermeable on his hand etc. Published Date: 1998-06-07 1168 - Wiping the ears in wudoo’ Published Date: 1998-06-05 1164 - Is it necessary to repeat wudoo’ if one discovers some impermeable substance on the skin or if one cuts one’s nails? Published Date: 1998-05-31