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Full Ablution

212399 - Ruling on rubbing the body with a sponge or loofah when doing ghusl? 150069 - She used to pray but she was not aware of the obligation of ghusl after menses 199263 - She saw a brownish discharge on the day after her had period ended and she had done ghusl, and she did not pay any attention to it, then she did another ghusl, and now she is not sure whether her ghusl and prayer were valid 220051 - Does he have to do ghusl if he only sees a non-mahram woman or talks to her? 82759 - Does touching the penis invalidate wudoo’ 214990 - She is asking how she can teach her mother and sister about the rulings on tahaarah (purification) 172457 - He did ghusl with the intention of doing it for Jumu‘ah and he forgot about doing it for janaabah; did it remove his impurity? 145878 - If he has a wet dream in the wilderness, how can he do ghusl when his friends are present? 181671 - He wants to do ghusl as prescribed in sharee‘ah, using shampoo and soap 161906 - He noticed the smell of maniy on his clothes after he woke up; does he have to do ghusl? 40204 - It is permissible to remove janaabah by means of tayammum when there is an excuse for that 170796 - What is the janaabah that makes ghusl obligatory? 70507 - Can he do tayammum on intensely cold days in the case of janaabah? 163816 - Ruling on rubbing thick hair when doing ghusl for janaabah 163830 - Is it necessary to wash all of the hair, even if it is braided and long, in the case of major impurity? 163826 - Is it essential when doing ghusl for janaabah to wash with soap? 163853 - Can a person who has a plaster cast, and is unable to do ghusl, do tayammum? 110056 - Ghusl for janaabah is an act of worship first and foremost 163025 - Does it invalidate his ghusl if some maniy comes out whilst he is doing ghusl? 14225 - Delaying ghusl from janaabah in Ramadaan until the sun has risen does not invalidate the fast