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Full Ablution

27065 - It is not sufficient to wipe the head and run the fingers through the hair when doing ghusl from janaabah 20847 - Is it permissible for a woman to do her household duties when she is junub? 37031 - Is ghusl required if intercourse takes place with a barrier? 69796 - How should a person who has a wound do wudoo’ and ghusl? 141074 - Ruling on wearing a wig for a woman who is bald; can she wipe over it when doing wudoo’? 43307 - She forgot to do ghusl from janaabah until the sun set 146889 - He bathed in seawater; does that take the place of wudoo’? 44945 - If maniy comes out after doing ghusl from janaabah 45716 - It is too difficult for her to do ghusl from janaabah so she does not pray, then she repents, then she does that again. 115532 - He used not to do ghusl for janaabah out of ignorance; should he make up the prayers? 127290 - She used to do the secret habit and did not do ghusl but she fasted and prayed 127087 - When does the time in which it is mustahabb to do ghusl on Friday begin? 129496 - Her hair is falling out and washing her head harms her; how should she do ghusl following menses and in the case of janaabah? 82344 - Description of how to do ghusl for major impurity 9755 - She did ghusl and prayed without washing her hair 10790 - How to do ghusl from janaabah 21611 - Is it necessary to do ghusl after having an ultrasound tube inserted into the vagina? 7892 - He did ghusl just to be clean, and he did not realize that he was junub. Should he repeat his ghusl? 69806 - He suffers from too many wet dreams; he wakes up and finds wetness but he does not remember having a dream 82521 - If he touches his private part during ghusl, does he have to repeat wudoo’?