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Full Ablution

111846 - If a man wakes up and finds some wetness but does not know what it is 111870 - If a person becomes junub and does ghusl, then some maniy comes out after doing ghusl 46562 - He delayed the prayer until the time for it was over with no excuse; does he have to do ghusl? 101547 - He became junub in his friend’s house and he is afraid that he may be accused of impropriety 99543 - Is ghusl sufficient with no need for wudoo’? 99538 - He did ghusl then he realized that the water had not reached his foot 99507 - The difference between maniy, madhiy and moisture 50320 - He did ghusl and prayed, then he realized that he had missed a part of his body and the water had not reached it 96925 - In ghusl it is sufficient to make the water reach all areas of the body 96683 - A woman does not have to sit when doing ghusl 85065 - Can he delay washing his feet until he has finished doing ghusl? 95065 - If she has a needle fixed to her stomach with a dressing, can she wipe over it when doing ghusl? 95743 - He was junub and the iqaamah for prayer was given – should he pray or do ghusl even if he will miss the prayer in congregation? 93735 - She did not know that it was obligatory to do ghusl; does she have to make up the prayers? 93865 - If he wakes up late and the water is cold, can he do tayammum? 94311 - If a person wakes up junub and fears that the time for prayer may end if he does ghusl, should he do tayammum? 93027 - Things that make ghusl obligatory 81949 - What is ghusl required and when is it mustahabb? 93056 - It is not essential to rub when doing wudoo’ and ghusl 83172 - Complete vs. acceptable ghusl