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Full Ablution

88032 - One ghusl is sufficient with the intention of doing ghusl both for Jumu’ah and to remove janaabah 88066 - If he does wudoo’ and intends to remove two types of impurity, when should he rinse his mouth and nose? 85219 - He remembered that he was junub and he was unable to do ghusl, so he did tayammum then he did wudoo 83570 - If he has intercourse but does not ejaculate, ghusl is still required 84409 - The doctor took a sperm sample from him; does he have to do ghusl? 81772 - If he becomes junub twice, one ghusl is sufficiente 36865 - It is obligatory to do ghusl following intercourse even if no ejaculation takes place 43479 - What constitutes intercourse? 49693 - He broke wind whilst doing ghusl from janaabah; is his ghusl invalidated? 68854 - Does the one who takes a shower to cool down have to do wudoo’ for prayer? 40329 - Does a woman have to undo her hair when doing ghusl in the case of janaabah (impurity following sexual activity)? 47693 - Ghusl is not required if maniy is emitted with no feelings of desire 45648 - He did not know that ghusl from janaabah is obligatory; should he repeat the prayers? 27091 - He prayed on his own and leading others when he was junub; what does he have to do? 32680 - She prayed when she was junub by mistake – does she have to repeat the prayers? 42979 - She wants to do tayammum instead of doing ghusl from janaabah because she feels shy in front of her husband’s family 38623 - He had an erotic dream whilst fasting but he did not see any trace of semen 40126 - He prevented ejaculation; does he have to do ghusl? 9208 - Coping with wet dreams 11731 - She sees disturbing dreams, and she imagined having intercourse in her sleep