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Menstruation and Post-Natal bleeding

179069 - Ruling on the yellowish brownish discharge that may appear before, during and after menses 181598 - She experiences spotting and strongly hates menstruation 170225 - Does bleeding caused by the IUD mean that one cannot pray? 146190 - Her nifaas (postpartum bleeding) continued for nine months and she did not pray during that time 130021 - “Spotting” after the period ends is not regarded as menses 153109 - She has fibroids and bleeds all month; how should she pray and fast? 157006 - Women in nifaas fasting if the bleeding stops before forty days 132832 - She bled after having an injection for temporary contraception; what should she do? 161455 - Is it permissible for a menstruating woman to write Qur’aanic verses? 45885 - If a woman makes a mistake about when she becomes pure following menstruation, is she sinning? 33594 - She prayed whilst menstruating because of shyness 82868 - Her nifaas ended before forty days but she did not pray; does she have to make up the prayers? 150171 - Ruling on ongoing secretions that appear during pregnancy 13948 - Yellow discharge during menstrual period 146448 - He committed zina with a woman when she was menstruating; does he have to offer the expiation for having intercourse during menses? 146158 - She had a slight bleed and a brownish discharge, then it turned out that she was pregnant. Should she make up missed prayers? 147230 - If a menstrual period lasts longer than usual 146758 - There is nothing wrong with a menstruating woman entering the mosque to take something she needs and then come out 131541 - Her period was longer than usual on several occasions. What should she do with regard to fasting? 45564 - If a woman miscarries after two months of pregnancy, is her bleeding regarded as nifaas?