Removing Impurity

203136 - He sweats and sees a trace of najaasah (impurity) on his underwear 177335 - Ruling on wearing shoes if they are made of pig skin, and ruling on praying in them 223396 - He is suffering from waswaas with regard to cleaning himself (istinja) after urinating, which is compelling him to shower straight after urinating 172600 - Are dogs and pigs najis (impure)? 213229 - Ruling on one who prays on a carpet, the edges of which reach the bathroom 170012 - Ruling on the purity of maniy (semen) 175729 - Ruling on using hairbrushes made out of boar (pig) bristles 178282 - Can he wipe over his khufoof when removing madhiy (prostatic fluid)? 175125 - Cleaning oneself with toilet paper to remove madhiy; is it necessary to clean oneself (istinja’) with water first in order for wudoo’ to be valid? 178392 - Ruling on eating from the university canteen if the plates are not washed seven times after having been licked by dogs 163353 - Ruling on touching the penis with the right hand 176790 - Ruling on blood that gets on the butcher at the time of slaughter 170335 - A new Muslim whose mother has a dog and she is asking about a number of rulings that have to do with tahaarah (purification) 167149 - Mother’s milk is taahir (pure) according to scholarly consensus 164448 - What is the ruling on praying in clothes that are perfumed with alcohol-based fragrances? 87851 - He got blood on his underwear and it is hard for him to change it 139482 - How to purify vessels if some drops of alcohol fall on them 150088 - If a few drops of water fall on a person after completing istinja’, that does not affect tahaarah 101803 - She thinks that some impurity got onto her clothes; Are her Hajj and prayer invalidated by that? 147126 - It is not permissible to swallow blood coming from the lip or gum because it is naajis (impure)