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Removing Impurity

101803 - She thinks that some impurity got onto her clothes; Are her Hajj and prayer invalidated by that? 147126 - It is not permissible to swallow blood coming from the lip or gum because it is naajis (impure) 46314 - Using soil for purification of the najaasah of a dog 50404 - Ruling on the discharges that come out from the woman’s uterus 139560 - Is it permissible to put Mushafs in a place that has been changed from a bathroom to a dressing room? 27070 - Does the dirt that is found under the fingernails make one’s wudoo’ invalid? 127871 - She is uncertain whether the furnishings in her house are naajis (impure) 125879 - How should he pray if he can't find anything to wear except a garment on which there is some impurity (najaasah)? 12720 - What should he do if he gets urine on his clothes? 20843 - How to cleanse oneself of pig-related impurity 22713 - Wearing gloves made of pigskin 22843 - Continuous wind and breaking wudoo’ 109197 - Is it necessary to wash the clothes and vessels of one who enters Islam? 13356 - Does touching a dog make one's hand naajis (impure)? 114030 - He wants to marry a Christian woman and he wants to convince her that it is forbidden to keep a dog in the house 20939 - Keeping dogs, and the najaasah of their saliva 111812 - Can najaasah be purified without water? 111904 - Dry impurity does not pass to the one who touches it 111786 - The urine and dung of animals whose flesh may be eaten are taahir (pure) 99507 - The difference between maniy, madhiy and moisture