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Removing Impurity

111786 - The urine and dung of animals whose flesh may be eaten are taahir (pure) 99507 - The difference between maniy, madhiy and moisture 97942 - If he has intercourse with his wife, do his clothes become naajis 91478 - They have someone with them who is incontinent, and he sits on the rugs; what is the ruling on praying on them? 93877 - Some drops of urine come out of her after doing wudoo’ 81692 - Did any of the Sahaabah drink the blood of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)? 44980 - Is wudoo’ invalidated if some wetness comes out of the vagina? 81774 - What is required when madhiy is emitted 69840 - Keeping a dog, touching it and kissing it 41090 - How purification from the najaasah of a dog is done 36877 - The age at which a baby boy’s urine must be washed off 59934 - What is the difference between protecting oneself and avoiding in the hadeeth about the two who were being punished in their graves? 22854 - If a woman lengthens her garment by a handspan, it will lead to the garment getting dirty, so how can she pray in it? 10257 - It is permissible to use just tissues to clean oneself after defecating 14521 - Is it necessary to wash the bedclothes when they get contaminated with sexual fluids? 21270 - He emitted madhiy (prostatic fluid) several times during tawaaf 10949 - If one is not sure whether a dog has licked something 9652 - Do clothes become naajis (impure) if they brush against something naajis? 7776 - Ruling on yellow discharge emitted by a woman 6725 - If a washing machine washes the clothes twice, is this sufficient to cleanse the clothes of any najaasah?