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Answering the Call of Nature

198463 - Is it Sunnah to cover the head when going to the toilet? 167317 - Praying with tayammum is better than praying with a previous wudoo’ done using water when one is desperate to relieve oneself 161383 - Ruling on eating and drinking in the bathroom 146941 - Facing the sun or moon when relieving oneself 146706 - What is meant by avoiding urine 23308 - Saying Bismillaah in one's heart when doing wudoo’ in the bathroom 121141 - Entering the washroom with a ring on which the name ‘Abd-Allah is written 129369 - Ruling on giving and returning salaams in public washrooms 83049 - Drops of urine continue to come out of him; what should he do in ihraam? 83393 - There is a du’aa’ for entering the bathroom even if you are not going in to relieve yourself 69808 - Ruling on building toilets that face the qiblah 59934 - What is the difference between protecting oneself and avoiding in the hadeeth about the two who were being punished in their graves? 66074 - Can a person who has incontinence pray with the congregation? 42061 - Ruling on entering the bathroom with a Mus-haf or tape of Qur’aan 65521 - It is not prescribed to probe too deeply when checking that there is no urine 59928 - Which is better, istinja’ or istijmaar? 39947 - She relieved herself in a cup in the Haram 20958 - Is it permissible to try to stop oneself breaking wind so as not to invalidate wudoo’? 14629 - Ruling on urinating standing up 26816 - How can a person conceal himself from the jinn when in the toilet?