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48998 - Times when it is forbidden to pray 106512 - He became Muslim at the time of prayer; should he make up what came before it? 5666 - Du’as Between Adhan and Iqamah 110061 - The green dome in Madeenah: its history and the ruling on its construction and on leaving it as it is 103427 - Ruling on child passing in front of one who is praying 100627 - If she is afraid that it will be found out that she has become Muslim, how should she pray? 87768 - Ruling on raising the voice in dhikr after the prayer 90189 - Prayer of an elderly person who has reached the stage of senility 82709 - She prayed naafil after Fajr and it was said to her that this puts one beyond the pale of Islam 38634 - When should the one who is praying behind the imam bow? When the imam says takbeer, or straight after the takbeer, or when? 82627 - When should the takbeeraat of movement be said during the prayer? 79345 - Is there a difference between subh prayer and fajr prayer? 74978 - Ruling on praying in the workplace 72245 - The difference between a Jewish or Christian wife and a wife who does not pray 46997 - Saying a du’aa ‘from the Qur’aan when prostrating 39186 - Ruling on a woman performing the adhaan 50684 - Rulings and issues about praying on a chair 65944 - Why is the Prophet’s grave in his mosque even though it is forbidden to take graves as places of worship? 12527 - Reasons for doing the prostration of forgetfulness 25778 - Disturbed by Waswaas (Whispers From the Shaytaan) and Evil Thoughts