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Rulings on prayer

182230 - Why do we send blessings upon Ibraaheem when the command in the Qur’an is to send blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad only? 190016 - Ruling on the imam walking in the direction of the qiblah to reach the microphone so that the people can hear him 149230 - Ruling on sitting, resting on the heel of the left hand behind one’s back 194491 - He prayed in a place, then after the prayer he discovered that there was a cross near that place 142657 - She did not pray during pregnancy out of ignorance 210538 - Wisdom behind Fajr prayer being two rak‘ahs 201895 - She is eighty years old and makes mistakes in reciting Qur’an, and she forgets; what is the ruling on her prayer? 162645 - Is it permissible to shift one’s weight during Taraweeh? 111223 - They stipulated that he should lead a communal du‘aa’ and not place one hand over the other; should he lead them in prayer or leave them? 193559 - Is it permissible to pray in a room where there is a television that is on? 181719 - Ruling on praying in high heeled shoes 176496 - Can he say du ‘aa’ between the two prostrations in words other than those narrated from the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him)? 175051 - Ruling on the takbeers of movement (in the prayer) and the du‘aa’ between the two prostrations 130052 - Ruling on praying with pant legs rolled up 167317 - Praying with tayammum is better than praying with a previous wudoo’ done using water when one is desperate to relieve oneself 161211 - Ruling on wearing shirts with writing on them when praying 12683 - Moving whilst praying 157148 - He assumed that he had done less in his prayer, but he only did the two prostrations of forgetfulness without doing the rak‘ahs that he had omitted 33592 - Adding the words wa’l-shukr after rising from rukoo’ 150108 - Ruling on counting the number of rak‘ahs on the fingers whilst praying