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Rulings on prayer

33592 - Adding the words wa’l-shukr after rising from rukoo’ 150108 - Ruling on counting the number of rak‘ahs on the fingers whilst praying 158204 - What should a worshipper do if he makes a mistake in his recitation or forgets a verse? 146570 - In prostration, do all the toes have to touch the ground? 65685 - Is it permissible to make a player-place in which women will be in front of the imam? 153496 - He forgot a verse whilst he was offering a naafil prayer, so he moved to pick up a Mushaf and opened it to remind himself of the verse 153386 - Person for whom the prayer is obligatory praying behind one who is offering a naafil prayer 146675 - Ruling on rushing when reciting and praying 147702 - Takbeer of movement (changing posture) for one who joins the congregation when the imam is bowing or prostrating 11969 - Helping someone who faints during Jumu’ah prayers 147415 - Walking in front of one who is praying 33742 - If his prayer is invalidated or interrupted, should he say the tasleem? 144970 - Ruling on swallowing phlegm during prayer 146567 - Ruling on praying by gestures because of a headache 34536 - Turning power back on during the prayer after a power outage 52424 - Whoever omits the opening takbeer, his prayer does not count 22965 - Is there one or two tasleems at the end of the prayer? 130762 - Ruling on one who falls asleep whilst praying 130865 - If the imam forgets some verses, how can he recite them so that he will have completed the Qur'aan? 75005 - Should she leave the prayer in congregation because her child cries?