Rulings on prayer

118153 - Ruling on the sutrah and invalidation of one’s prayer if an adult woman walks in front 118096 - Ruling on reading du’aa’ from a paper whilst praying 125425 - Do men have to cover their shoulders whilst praying? 112114 - Naafil prayers that it is permissible to do at times when prayer is otherwise forbidden 108282 - Ruling on using a shoe as a sutrah 111901 - When the latecomer stands up to complete his prayer, he is praying alone, so he should not let anyone pass in front of him 111831 - If the doorbell rings whilst I am praying 114370 - Prayer of one who has an unpleasant smell in his mouth 103435 - Ruling on saying al-hamdu Lillah after sneezing when praying 95577 - Is it permissible for a woman to pray outside the mosque where men can see her? 26182 - Passing in front of someone who is praying 98453 - If the imam stands up for a fifth rak’ah 84977 - Ruling on delaying Dhuhr and Asr prayers one hour. 96912 - Women walking in front of worshippers in al-Masjid al-Haraam 83250 - He visualizes the Ka’bah when he prays and says du’aa’. Is this ihsaan? 20258 - It is acceptable to pray wearing shoes? 84144 - She asked her husband for a divorce at a time of tension. What should she do? 79345 - Is there a difference between subh prayer and fajr prayer? 39235 - If he catches up with the imam when he is prostrating or sitting 72390 - Is a woman’s prayer wearing make-up considered permissible?