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Rulings on prayer

39235 - If he catches up with the imam when he is prostrating or sitting 72390 - Is a woman’s prayer wearing make-up considered permissible? 72313 - He has the problem of yawning a great deal whilst praying – what should he do? 65561 - Praying Taraweeh before ‘Isha’ 50180 - What is the “difficulty” which makes it permissible to pray sitting down? 65924 - Reading from the Mus-haf during an obligatory prayer 39689 - Rulings on changing the intention of a prayer after starting it 31926 - They stay in their place of work for 28 days; can they shorten their prayers? 45871 - Ruling on a woman covering her face when praying because non-mahram men may pass by 33761 - If a person does not prostrate on all seven parts of the body, then his prayer is invalid 36784 - Is work one of the excuses for which it is permissible to delay prayer beyond its time? 34523 - If he sneezes or hears a donkey braying whilst praying, should he say the dhikr narrated in the Sunnah? 27143 - Will the prayers of one who drinks alcohol not be accepted for forty days? 12717 - Why does a woman interrupt a man’s prayer? 20958 - Is it permissible to try to stop oneself breaking wind so as not to invalidate wudoo’? 20953 - Ruling on making du’aa’ in languages other than Arabic in the prayer 26872 - Does mucus invalidate prayer? 22186 - Reciting the Basmalah in the prayer 9062 - Saying “A’oodhu Billaah…” during prayer 5410 - A new Muslim finding it difficult to recite al-Faatihah