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Conditions for Prayer

97516 - They delay Zuhr prayer – should he pray with them or pray by himself? 13705 - He wants to pray in school but he cannot find a place to pray in 90097 - Praying on mats on which there are pictures of the Ka’bah or other sacred places 95010 - Praying in the bedroom 81281 - Praying in a white thobe with no pants underneath 90038 - He prayed then he heard the muezzin – should he repeat the prayer? 82536 - Praying on a plane when one is unable to stand or face the qiblah 21869 - Praying in cars and on planes 91405 - They discovered that their mosque deviates from the qiblah by 17 degrees 85011 - He led the people in prayer when he did not have wudoo’, by mistake 83154 - Ruling on praying in a garment on which there is a picture of an animal or a person 72349 - Is it essential with regard to the Sunnah prayers that are done before the fard prayer that the time for that fard prayer should have begun? 39178 - Is it permissible for her to pray in front of employees at work? 65731 - Praying deliberately when one is not taahir is a major sin but it is not kufr 32993 - Can girls pray in pants? 65853 - Situations in which the obligation to face the qiblah is waived 27091 - He prayed on his own and leading others when he was junub; what does he have to do? 32680 - She prayed when she was junub by mistake – does she have to repeat the prayers? 27101 - Is it permissible for a kaafir to pray with the Muslims? 11691 - The qiblah of the mosque is different from that indicated by the compass