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Essentials of Prayer

233313 - He stood up to make up what he had missed the prayer when the imam had not yet completed his salaam at the end of the prayer 105297 - If the imam says one tasleem, is it permissible for the one who is praying behind him to say two? 175471 - Does he have to have the intention of exiting the prayer when he says the tasleem? 138009 - What should the worshipper intend when he says the tasleem at the end of the prayer? 171900 - Ruling on offering an obligatory prayer on the bus when it is not necessary to do so, when he does all the essential parts of the prayer 9023 - If he prays without wudoo’ by mistake, he has to repeat his prayer 147528 - The takbeer for starting the prayer may count for the takbeer for bowing too 145672 - He prays Zuhr in his car because he is the only Muslim in the factory 90094 - Ruling on tasmee’ and tahmeed in prayer 43574 - Should the person praying behind the imam say Sami’a Allaahu liman hamidah when rising from bowing? 69853 - He is not sure whether he said the opening takbeer or not 67934 - When is it permissible for a person to pray sitting in obligatory prayers? 65847 - The pillars, obligatory parts and Sunnahs of prayer 21564 - Can one who has done tayammum lead in prayer people who have done wudoo’? 2696 - What is the ruling on praying on parks, knowing that they are watered with water that has an offensive odour? 9897 - Wishing for death because of intense distress 1046 - Ruling concerning women covering their feet in prayer 50 - Forgetting to sit for tashahhud between the second and third raka’ah