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Marital Counselling

186026 - He withheld from her many details about himself and his family; should she ask for a divorce? 138453 - She is refusing to travel with her husband because it is too difficult for her to live in a foreign country far away from her family 69769 - Should she tell her husband about her previous relationships? 45520 - She feels attracted to someone other than her husband 93935 - Is it permissible for a woman to go to the hammam (public baths or “Turkish baths”)? 34151 - His wife is weak in religious commitment – what should he do? 34589 - Problems caused by wife’s illness 49670 - A husband who claims to be religiously-committed but he is addicted to permissive channels 32725 - She is complaining about her husband’s attachment to the Society for the Promotion of Virtue 32731 - He is complaining of a problem between his wife and his sisters 145587 - How should she deal with her husband who drinks alcohol? 33862 - How to treat a wife from among the People of the Book 45600 - Her husband only gives her maintenance, and he lives far away from her. Can she ask for a divorce? 40040 - Her husband is threatening to divorce her if she does not watch pornographic movies with him 21109 - He got married then he regretted it 42551 - Her husband does not do any of his duties, he sleeps a lot and he neglect prayers 32479 - Family planning 21510 - My wife is not beautiful!! 36748 - Should a man listen to his wife’s suggestions and consult her about matters? 132219 - He does not like children; can he divorce her so that she can marry someone else and have children with him?