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How Prayer is Done

21358 - Where should the hands be placed when standing up after rukoo’? 20016 - The Sunnah with regard to sitting when one prays sitting down 115567 - Is the Sunnah to hold the feet apart or together when prostrating? 11417 - He wants to learn the Tashahhud 13340 - Description of the Prophet’s prayer 101015 - The ahaadeeth of Anas about Qunoot in Fajr 85229 - The difference between pillars (essential parts) and obligatory parts of prayer 85116 - Is it better to say in our prayer Sayyiduna Muhammad (our master Muhammad)? 85161 - Should one who joined the prayer late repeat the prostration of forgetfulness if he did it with the imam? 69848 - If the imam says the salaam and the person praying behind him has not finished the tashahhud, what should he do? 93560 - Ruling on praying on one’s bed 39677 - He wants evidence for the dhikrs that are said when bowing and prostrating 69855 - Prostrating in a cap or turban, or when wearing gloves 67934 - When is it permissible for a person to pray sitting in obligatory prayers? 50658 - He is confused about how to make up two rak’ahs when he has missed both tashahhuds 7646 - Some du’aa’s to be recited during prayer 7886 - The proper way to make du’aa’ during prayer 13498 - If the imam or a person praying in congregation forgets to recite al-Faatihah, what should he do? 33761 - If a person does not prostrate on all seven parts of the body, then his prayer is invalid 21662 - A worshipper should not put shoes in front of himself as a sutrah